A Word to the Wise: Now is not the time to be undecided

By: Tom Rupp
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About 100 years ago a popular song declared, “Happy Days are Here Again.” Well, election time is here again, and the days aren’t happy. You can tell the return of the election season because of the superfluity of advertisements on the radio and television. Don’t forget the mailers that will now arrive in our mailboxes as well. There is one creature that always has intrigued me. I wonder if such a person truly exists, or if they are a creation of an overzealous media. The person I speak of is the well-known “undecided” voter. This year, they are back. See if you agree with this analysis. It is my contention that, underneath it all, we all know how we would vote if we were pressed to do so. Many candidates and issues have our vote for reasons that have nothing to do with reason. We often vote more with our gut than with our brain. However, in our desire to be fair, or at least to appear fair, we hold back on a final opinion until as late as we can hold out — hence, the undecided voter. As a general rule, it seems more accurate to assert that about 45 percent think one way, 45 percent think the other way, and the remaining 10 percent is where the action is. Some people vote with their eyes. I conclude this because after the gubernatorial debate last week I heard a lot of comments about how the two candidates looked, as if that really mattered. Haven’t we seen enough pretty boys and glamour girls who lack basic decency? Will the general public ever refuse to be swayed by outward appearances? It reminded me of the story in 1 Samuel 16 in which the prophet Samuel is instructed to anoint the new king of Israel. Jesse has eight sons, and as Samuel goes down the line God stops him from selecting each one of them until he gets to the youngest son, David. The moral — “People look on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart.” If there were one area where I am truly undecided, it would be this year’s new crop of propositions. They merit a little more research. Oh California, you have gone proposition crazy. After I read the information, however, do not call me “undecided.” That is one label that will not fit. Isn’t this how we all live? We consider, decide and act. And life goes on. Tom Rupp is a Bible teacher at Capital Bible College. He can be reached at truppfolsom@yahoo. com or through his blog at