A Word to the Wise

It tastes like (chocolate-covered) chicken
By: Tom Rupp
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Last week Carol celebrated her birthday. One present from her son was chocolate covered bacon from the Santa Cruz boardwalk. That is not a misprint. I have particular likes and dislikes but still mustered up enough courage to try a piece. Final score? Being that this is Olympic season, maybe a 3.3. By itself, either one rates a 9.5, but together the score drops considerably. There are many examples of great culinary combinations. Peanut butter and jelly, for instance, taste great together. The same can be said for peanut butter and chocolate or peanut butter and bananas. However, all of these include peanut butter. What other teams exist? I recently found a recipe for a spread that combines mayonnaise and pesto sauce. It merits two “forks up.” Speaking of bacon, how about a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal that combines raisins and bran. You know the name. The old joke says that the same cannot be said for Grape Nuts. You will not find any grapes or nuts in the box. Why, then, is it called Grape Nuts? Daring souls are always trying to mix things up to see how they taste. We did this often as children in an effort to spice things up. I tried milk and orange juice together once. The operative word in that sentence is “once.” That should tell you something. Carol’s son “once” made a meat loaf with candy sprinkles in it. That recipe never came out of, or made it into, the cookbooks. Somewhere someone has to think up the combination and somewhere someone has to be daring enough to try it. My friend Jeff recently prepared tofu for us at a meal. He made it to where it tasted like chicken. He made it to where he convinced me to try it. Boy, if my Carolina friends could see me now. Next week it is my 49th turn around the bend. You can send either chocolate or bacon, but please do not put them together. Tom Rupp lives in Folsom and can be reached at