A Word to the Wise

Breaking news! Times are tough … or not
By: Tom Rupp
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Bad news has a way of accelerating a life of its own. We have been reading about how bad things are financially and it’s beginning to look like some people believe it. Perhaps on one level it is tough. If you are low-income or jobless you probably think so. But not everybody believes it. For instance, ask the millions of people who forked over good money to see a certain movie this weekend if times are as tough as the media says it is. That doesn’t include the ungodly overpriced snacks and drinks. We didn’t see “The Dark Knight” movie. It supposedly was sold out all weekend. We went to a gourmet ice cream store and the line went to the door. It was a line for people who spend around five dollars a person for a cup of ice cream. Times are tough? Maybe they are to some people. It has yet to seep its way to the foothills, that’s for sure. Money continues to flow copiously from one hand to another in these parts. Recession, you say? The parking lots at our local stores stay busy. I can personally attest that in at least one store business continues on at a brisk pace. Goods and services continue to exchange hands, with money (or credit) as the medium of exchange. Yes, bad news often is more hype than reality. However, we can then acknowledge that the economic belt seems to be tightening as the market endures another correction. You cannot continue to stack up purchases on credit without understanding that one day you will have to pay those bills off. A country or a family cannot continue to spend more than it is earning or saving. There is a difference between a plastic credit card and cash in your bank account. They are not the same thing. Are times difficult or livable? Well, I guess that depends on what store you are shopping at or which movie theater you are attending. Tom Rupp lives in Folsom and can be reached at