Will Robins offers support to high school golf programs

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Golf coach Will Robins is all about growing the game he so dearly loves. With a thriving junior golf program at Empire Ranch, Robins is eager to help out the local high school programs at Vista del Lago and Folsom High, programs that could use all the help they can get. Folsom High didn’t have a girls’ team last year, but this year are back in action with 10 players, most of which are freshmen and first-time players. Vista del Lago has about the same number of players. Robins, who runs his own golf academy at Empire Ranch, offers 10 hour-long lessons to adults for $695. For those who sign up for the lessons, they get two free lessons and Robins will donate $100 to the golf program at either school or $50 to Vista and $50 to Folsom if the adult has no preference. The coaches at the schools, Miguel Rodriguez at Vista del Lago and Sherrie Carrero at Folsom High, are thankful for any help they get. In Folsom High’s case, they came into the season with no money and they’re starting from scratch. “We just got started and haven’t had a chance to do any fundraising,” Carrero said. “We’ve been chasing our tails trying to get the team up and going. I think it’s great (what Will is offering).” Dixie Wyant, whose daughter, Elizabeth, is a sophomore on Folsom High’s team and also a first-time golfer, is hoping people take advantage of this opportunity to help the programs. “Last year we didn’t have enough girls for a team, but this year we do and they’re struggling,” Wyant said. “The coaches are volunteering and bought the team uniforms out of their own pockets. They’ve gone above and beyond just to get the program going.” Like Folsom, Vista del Lago’s team is comprised mostly of underclassmen, as six freshmen make up a bulk of the roster. “I think anything that will help the program and get more people involved is a good thing,” Rodriguez said. Vista del Lago has had some success this season, winning five of its first seven matches. Vista’s top player, freshman Emily Hoffman, recently won a tournament by shooting a 69. Folsom has played in about the same number of matches and is improving every day. “These girls are working hard and I think if they stick with it by the time they’re juniors and seniors they will be an excellent team,” Carrero said. For more information on Will Robins Golf, visit