From Where I Sit: Things are going green in the garden

By: Tom Rupp, Special to the Telegraph
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And just like that, 2012 is halfway over. The talk around these parts this week has been the cool spell that that suddenly has us thinking spring has returned. I checked my diary and noticed that two and three years ago it was 100 degrees this week. Last year however, it was rainy with a high of only 68 degrees, in late June even. We once again have pretty much decided not to turn on our air conditioning this year. It?s been two years in our household since we last used the AC. So is this normal weather for our area or an anomaly? I have lived here for 13 years now and can?t remember such cool weather so late in the spring and summer. Those who know about such matters talk of the El Nino and El Nina and its effects on our weather. Things are going good in the garden so far this year as well. We have already had some nice red tomatoes and the pomegranate tree once again has nearly a hundred blooms. It?s been my experience that the tree ends up putting out one pomegranate for every three blooms. The jasmine continues to grow up and around the arbor. My lemon tree has recently grown over 10-feet tall but I have yet to see a single lemon from it. We also planted two blueberry bushes and all we have to show for it so far are good intentions. All of this greenery has a soothing and cooling effect. Birds and squirrels like it too, and this is a yard that is only about a quarter of an acre or less. I should have been a weatherman. It has always been a fascinating topic ? the fact that winds are continuously cycling across the globe and producing all sorts of weather. Or maybe I should have been a farmer ? to see the continuous cycles of planting and harvesting can be so much fun if it doesn?t look like too much work. I have a friend back in Carolina who works 4,000 acres. For him it is surely not a hobby or a relaxation but a major operation. It is his life?s work. On second thought, maybe I?ll just stay where I am. It?s time to wake up from daydreaming about weather forecasting and farming. It?s time to water the garden. Reach Tom Rupp at