Water will keep flowing from reservoir

Work at Folsom Dam won't disrupt water service
By: Staff Report
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To improve the reliability of the electrical transmission system, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), in cooperation with the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD), will begin implementing upgrades at the Folsom Dam Powerplant on Monday, April 6. The work involves looping an existing SMUD line into the Folsom Substation. For safety reasons, the substation must be de-energized, which requires operations be curtailed at both the Folsom and Nimbus Powerplants, according a press release issued by the USBR. The Nimbus Powerplant generation is also affected since its power transmission line connects to the Folsom Substation, according to the release. The work should be completed by Friday, April 10. American River releases that occur every day from Folsom and Nimbus dams are not typically visible since the water passes through the powerplants’ hydroelectric generators. Since water can’t be released through the powerplants during the substation work, it will instead pass through the spillway gates on Folsom and Nimbus dams and will be easily seen. The work will have no adverse effect on water supplies and will not impact the quantity of water released. Releases will remain consistent with requirements to meet downstream environmental and water supply needs while conserving cold water in Folsom Reservoir, according to the press release. For questions, call the USBR Public Affairs Office at 978-5100 or e-mail