Watching Mason grow

By: Tom Rupp
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Okay, I feel better. If any of you are regular readers, or at least read last week’s word, you know that it was cynical at best. So it’s time to cool off and think about something, or someone, uplifting. Those of us who have been parents remember how it was when our children were first born. The first year of their life was so full of wonder and learning, for both parent and child. It didn’t change for the subsequent children. Each new life brought new fun. And then the grandchildren begin arriving and it all comes tumbling back in a playful fury. Ours are 7 and 4, and now we have had almost a year with little Mason, our third grandchild. Isn’t it interesting how each child has some semblance of its own unique personality? Mason is such a happy 9-month-old boy. I have never seen him wake up as anything other than happy. He puts some of us to shame. His wide-mouthed face is half a smile and half an expression of wonder to be alive, it seems. His teeth are just beginning to show up. And he is taking steps, three, four, almost walking but not quite, wobbling around with his arms up in the air, looking much like a baby orangutan. We’ve seen it all before. He is making noises that are more and more sounding like words. Everything is new to a budding one year old. Then we get older and life loses its wonder. We may become jaded as we think we have seen it all. You can say this about nearly everything a one-year-old sees - he experiences it all for the first time. There’s my first cat, bubble, bird, haircut, raindrop, snowflake, ice cream, and on and on. It’s all a big parade of wonder. When I observe little Mason and his actions and attitudes, I see a model from God of how we are all supposed to act. Maybe this is what the Bible meant in Isaiah 11:6 when it said, “a little child shall lead them.” For a little child, each new day is just that – a new day, to live, to learn, to grow. Dear God, open my eyes to see and my ears to hear, for the first time again, the wonder of your world. Help me be as a little child and receive You as my heavenly Father. You may reach Tom at