Vote for those who serve us best

Reader input
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In a few days we will be going to the polls to choose our representatives in Congress. Representatives serve two years; Senate serves six years. These chosen people will be responsible to spend our hard-earned tax dollars. We hope that they will chose wisely and not squander our money on wasteful projects. Here is a way to learn how they are doing. Since 1989, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste has examined roll call votes to identify which members of Congress are protecting the taxpayer’s interests. To obtain this information, write to: CCAGW, PO Box 96284, Washington DC 20077-7492; or go to: Here are the ratings of a few of California’s representatives: (100 top score, 0 lowest) Dan Lungren Republican 87 Tom McClintock Republican 99 Nancy Pelosi Democrat 0 Doris Matsui Democrat 0 Barbara Boxer Democrat 1 Vote for the ones who serve us best. K.D. Hoffman, Folsom