Vista welcomes class of 2010

By: Laura Newell, Telegraph Correspondent
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Anxious students and parents crowded the halls of Folsom’s Vista del Lago High School on Friday to prepare for the new school year, the first time the school has welcomed seniors. The first senior class will graduate in 2010 from Vista del Lago High School. “This is a big celebration, it will be a very momentous occasion having our senior class graduating this year,” said Rochelle Dagnall, administrative assistant. Over 1,100 students prepared during Vista’s annual “Arena Day,” taking school photos and purchasing and picking-up student identification cards, physical education clothes, student parking permits and text books. Students also picked-up their class schedules for the first semester that started Monday. “Not many schools do this arena day thing … so this is great and this way the kids can start curriculum from day one,” said Chris Aland, Vista’s vice principle. “I’m excited we have four classes and I am looking forward to working with all the kids.” Anticipation shined in the faces of seniors walking through campus while gathering supplies and talking amongst friends — and as a new school year started, so did new traditions for the high school. Aland explained that seniors were taking a new step this year at “Arena Day” by collecting senior footprints to display on the cover of this year’s school yearbook. “It’s getting me pumped up for Monday, I’ve been going to these (Arena Days) every year, and I’m excited for senior year,” said Nathen Vetter, 17. Parents were also getting into the spirit of the day as they helped and watched their children prepare for the new school year. “Just looking around the campus, it’s a great bunch of kids, there is a lot of energy,” said Malcolm McFarland, 56, Folsom resident whose daughter will be a sophomore this year. Anjali Wadhwa, Associated Student Body president starting her senior year, said she’s looking forward to returning to school. “This is a really exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Wadhwa said. “I’m excited to leave our stamp as the first graduating class at this school.” A “Welcome Back Rally” to be held this month will also create change for the high school because this is the first year the senior section in the gym will be filled during the rally. Another first this year will be the homecoming dance on Oct. 3. “We have only done ‘up and coming’ dances before because there were not any seniors graduated to come home, but, now we have our first senior class,” Wadhwa said. In preparation for the first sober grad night 2010, the Sober Grad Committee is selling calendars highlighting seniors. “The calendar has been in the process for over a year to provide funding to the senior class sober grad night because there is no overflow money for this event from previous years,” Dagnall said. To purchase a calendar for $15, e-mail “This is awesome, we have been top of the school this whole time, and now we get to graduate,” said student Janelle Cardosa, 17.