Vista del Lago produces many winning teams

By: Matt Long
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Based on championships won and win-loss records of the school’s sports teams, year one of the Vista del Lago athletic program was a success. Being a first-year school with many of the teams being smaller in sheer numbers, younger and less experienced than their opponent, the Eagles still managed to win four junior varsity league championships in boys and girls soccer, boys basketball and in freshman-sophomore girls track and field. Other junior varsity teams had outstanding records such as football (8-2), girls volleyball (25-7), girls basketball (21-5), and the baseball team (18-7). The swim teams placed second in the league, while the golf and tennis teams held their own at the varsity level. “We had really good success for a first-year school that had teams that were smaller in numbers in most sports,” Vista Athletics Director Robert Reed said. “Not only did we have smaller teams, but a lot of our junior varsity teams were freshman dominant. We learned how to compete and the future looks bright.” Making the athletic program’s success even more impressive were the logistical issues facing some of the teams, such as not having practice facilities on campus. The swim team practiced at the Folsom Aquatic Center, while the soccer teams and baseball and football teams practiced off-campus. “Generally practices start at 3:30 p.m. but in some cases when you have to travel practices didn’t get started until 4 or 4:15 p.m.,” Reed said. “There was lots done on the fly, but overall, I’m proud of the success we had. We have a lot of fine coaches, but it’s also a tribute to the kids and the work they put in.” Reed said his goal is to have the sports teams be competitive and he feels the teams are on their way to doing that. The Eagles more than held their own in the Sierra Valley Conference and beyond. “Chris Jones wants to play Napa and Casa Roble and Central Catholic, teams that are good every year,” Reed said. “Our coaches aren’t shying away from the good teams. They know that’s where we want to be and it may take some time to get there, but we need to see the best to get to that point.” Even though year one is done, Vista will likely feature some growing pains next year, as they will still be younger than their opponents competing at the varsity level. Based on this year’s success, however, it appears that most of the teams will be more than ready to step up to the challenge.