Taylor likes what he sees in young quarterback

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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As a former NFL quarterback and someone who has been coaching the position for nearly as long as his playing days ended, Folsom coach Troy Taylor knows as much about playing and coaching the position as anyone. There might not be anyone who knows more about Folsom sophomore quarterback Jake Browning than Taylor, who’s been working with him since he was in fifth grade. After watching Browning tear apart Woodcreek for 689 passing yards and 10 touchdowns, Taylor was impressed with his student’s numbers, but not surprised with how well he played. “I’ve been with him since he was in fifth grade and I’ve thought that he has a chance to be a special player,” Taylor said. “We knew what we have in Jake in that he’s a steady and consistent guy who is accurate and has great anticipation. Nothing seems to bother him. He has no highs or lows and whether he makes a good throw or a bad one, he moves on to the next play. He’s got great composure and that’s important for a quarterback.” Browning has a lot of God-given talent, but he has also taken great advantage of learning from Taylor, who coaches several quarterbacks in the Sacramento area through his passing academy. Having him on campus at Folsom High doesn’t hurt either, as the two communicate often. “Coach Taylor has taught me the proper mechanics; from throwing and having a quick release to footwork,” Browning said. “He’s also really big on staying level-headed. He has helped me in all aspects of playing quarterback.” Along with his even-keel disposition, which is critical for a quarterback to have, Browning’s ability to anticipate is a huge plus. “He’s very accurate which is important for any quarterback, but Jake has exceptional anticipation and can throw the ball before the receiver gets open,” Taylor said. “That helps him get rid of the ball quicker and makes him very efficient.” The stellar coming-out-party that Browning had in his first varsity start certainly opened some eyes, not just to Folsom High fans, but around the region. Browning likely wasn’t on anyone’s radar on Thursday, but now every coach in the Delta River League and beyond knows about him for sure. What is he to do for an encore? Is there more pressure on him now? Taylor said those are good questions. “The goal is for Jake to play the same,” Taylor said. “During Friday’s game he was never giddy. He was focused. We always tell our players to play the same as they do in practice and not try to do too much. Jake was the same guy after the game as he was before it. I think he’ll respond very well. He’s got the right personality for it. “This game was good for his confidence, which is important in any sport. We all do better when we have confidence.”