Steakhouse chef balances work, life

Familiar Faces
By: Olivia Cornell Telegraph staff writer
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Brian Knadle is the owner and executive chef at Sutter Street Steakhouse in Folsom. Not only does he run the restaurant, he also cooks many of the dishes and supervises the employees. He is a familiar face to locals. Tell us a little about yourself. I’m 20 plus years in the restaurant business. I started in high school. I’m married to Brooke; she grew up here in Folsom. We have two kids. I own this restaurant and the 5th Street Steakhouse in Chico. What is something someone would be surprised to learn about you? I rarely cook at home. What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you? I located my birth mother three years ago. What do you like about your job? The people, I like being around my employees and customers. What causes are you passionate about? Our business in Chico has a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club; it’s a big golf tournament. What do you do for fun? I hang out with my kids. What is your favorite movie and why? That’s an easy one, “Forest Gump”. It’s a great story and there are so many great movie lines. What are some of your favorite songs? The Foo Fighters’ song, “Everlong,” and The Who song, “Baba O’Riley.”