Stay north of Highway 50

Reader input
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I totally agree with Pete Tumminelli’s input in your paper about the annexation project on the south side of Highway 50. I have been a Folsom resident for over 20 years and this is probably the first time I have a conviction to write about something happening in our city. This is not the time or place to start plans to develop more. Sure, you might say you’re only in the planning stages, but can we first put all our attention on reassessing the city as a whole? Every corner at every strip mall has vacancies. There are empty office buildings, empty lots and empty homes. We need a plan to use what we have. We do not have a need to build more. We do have a need to use what we have and make sure everything — resources, time and manpower — are working constantly to make this city vibrant and debt-free. It’s not time to discard what we have in the north and move onto the south. The initial proposal was during a healthy economic time. That time is past. Please reconsider this. The people in Folsom do not need any more empty buildings. Connie Barreras, Folsom