Thibaut loves to compete
By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Sara Rose Thibaut wouldn?t know what to do if she didn?t have sports to play. Years ago the three-sport athletes were the norm at most high schools. Nowadays they are rarely found. Thibaut, a 17-year old Folsom resident who is a junior at Sacramento Waldorf High School in Fair Oaks, competes in five sports and in the fall she plans to add a sixth. Thibaut, who?s lived in Folsom all her life with her parents, Bud and Patty, got her start in sports at 4 when she started playing T-ball and soccer in Folsom. She?s played both sports recreationally ever since and currently is a pitcher and first baseman on Sacramento Waldorf?s varsity baseball team. She?s also playing in the Folsom National Little League?s Big League Division. In the fourth grade she started playing basketball through the Folsom Parks and Recreation Department and recently wrapped up her eighth season. When she was 11, she picked up motocross and added indoor soccer to go along with her participation on an outdoor soccer team. On top of all that, Thibaut also umpires little league games when she?s not competing on her own sports teams. ?I like them all and I?m competitive in all of them,? Thibaut said of the sports she plays. ?Being competitive is my big thing and I strive to get better in all of the sports. My favorite is probably motocross, but I like them all.? On top of being competitive, Thibaut said she also considers herself adventurous and social, which is another reason why she?s become involved in so many sports. ?I?m adventurous and my interest level is high in sports and I just want to try everything,? she said. ?I?m also into modeling and music and I like to play the guitar.? Thibaut?s parents, Bud and Patty, have supported her love for athletics from the start. ?We?re totally proud of her,? Patty said. ?She was just a naturally athletic child who had great balance and could do everything she tried. To me it?s like living with a rock star because even though she?s never gone to school in Folsom, she?s lived here all her life and so many people know her because of all the sports she plays.? Thibaut, who said she?s never been interested in playing softball, has played baseball with boys since she was 4 years old and is currently a key member of Sacramento Waldorf?s varsity team. ?I?ve coached her for two seasons and she?s a strong player,? said David Caraccio, Waldorf?s head baseball coach. ?She can do everything that the boys do and she does it well. She?s my number-two pitcher and has a very strong arm and a strong mental capacity. She?s a competitor. At times I forget that she?s even a girl.? Charlie Hammond, a pitcher and catcher at Waldorf, has played with Thibaut for three years. ?It?s great having Sara Rose on the team,? Hammond said. ?I think it?s intimidating for the opposing team because no one wants to go back to the dugout and hear ?you got struck out by a girl.? She?s definitely just one of the guys, though.? Though she?s never played competitively before, Thibaut said she plans to play on the school?s volleyball team in the fall. As she?s a year away from finishing high school, Thibaut said she has no plans to stop competing, as she hopes to continue playing all her sports when she moves on to college. Thibaut said she?d like to go to college near the beach, like UC Santa Barbara. If she does end up going to college near the water, don?t be surprised if you see Thibaut riding the waves someday, as surfing just may be the next sport she picks up.