Spare Time Clubs offer 'life-changing program'

By: Matt Long
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Gretchen Enk of Sacramento had wanted to lose weight for years, but could never find the motivation to start. She was very self-conscious about her weight, hated looking at herself in the mirror and didn’t want to leave the house. Then she learned about Lean Up Sacramento and submitted her application. Much to her delight, she was selected for the program and in the end she feels much better about herself. “My strength and stamina have increased, my posture changed and I carry myself better. I lost some weight and inches and no longer feel blah,” Enk said. “I couldn’t have done it without the Lean Up program.” Interested in winning a potential life-changing prize package worth about $1,400? Spare Time Clubs, including Broadstone Racquet Club in Folsom and the El Dorado Hills Sports Club, not to mention five other Spare Time Clubs in the Sacramento area, are accepting applications for “Lean Up Sacramento” an eight-week wellness program that’s sure to change the lives of those chosen for the program. Up to 25 applicants at each club will be chosen to participate in the free program. “What we’re trying to do is reach an audience who otherwise wouldn’t be a part of a club like ours or who wouldn’t have access to it,” said Chris Maberto, fitness director at the El Dorado Hills Sports Club. “So many people are fearful of going to a club because they’re overweight and that has affected their lives in a negative way. We’re offering this to the most deserving. This isn’t for the person who wants to lose five or 10 pounds; we all want to lose five or 10 pounds. We want this program to be a life-changing event for those who are chosen.” According to Spare Time Clubs, “Lean Up Sacramento” is designed by fitness professionals for people who have been unable to take the necessary steps to a healthier life because of fear, past failures, lack of time or other reasons. “Ideally, the people chosen will be those with a compelling story, someone whose got a health issue or someone who’s completely overweight, but it depends on what applicants we get,” said Maureen Evanoff, fitness director at Broadstone Racquet Club. “We’re looking for heartfelt stories that catch our eye.” Those individuals chosen to participate in the free program will get a huge gift package that, depending on how committed the recipient is during and after the eight-week program, would be hard to put a price tag on. Those selected for the program will participate in a small group boot camp three days a week, meet with a personal trainer once a week, attend a nutritional and motivational group meeting and participate in other activities at the club free of charge for eight weeks. “I think it’s an excellent opportunity to get someone started down the right path, to give someone an idea of what it takes,” Evanoff said. “And for all this to be free is a great deal. To have free access to the club, plus a trainer . . . if you were paying for a trainer you’re looking at $60 an hour at a minimum. The knowledge that you would gain is priceless and you would get going in the right direction. It’s a great opportunity for someone who needs educated and motivated.” Those interested for the program can apply on-line at or at the local Spare Time Club, including Broadstone Racquet Club and the El Dorado Hills Sports Club. Applications are due by Aug. 15. What: Lean Up Sacramento, a free eight-week wellness program Where: Spare Time Clubs, including Broadstone Racquet Club in Folsom and the El Dorado Hills Sports Club When: Applications due by Aug. 15, program runs from Sept. 12-Nov. 4 Info: