South team falls to North, 33-20

By: Matt Long
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Kris Richardson didn’t get the win he was hoping for, but there was more offense and more excitement than in recent years at the 52nd annual Optimist All-Star Football Game held Saturday at American River College. Richardson, Folsom High’s coach, directed the South All-Stars, who lost to the North 33-20. Richardson wanted to bring some offensive flair to the game with the spread offense which he runs at Folsom, but instead the South had trouble protecting quarterbacks Cary Grossart and Dominic Carmazzi. “The big issue was a breakdowns in protection,” Richardson said. “When we did protect, then we had some blown assignments from the receivers running the wrong routes. “That’s the hardest part. As simple as we tried to keep it, some guys struggled with it. The North brought a lot of pressure.” Richardson pointed to two touchdowns his team gave up in the first half, which his team couldn’t recover from. One was a punt return for a score and the other was a turnover, which gave the ball to the North in prime field position. “We played better in the second half once we figured out how to block them, but we could never recover from those two touchdowns in the first half,” Richardson said. “It’s disappointing that it took so long to get going. It was too little, too late.” Grossart said that he and his teammates played OK. “We put a lot of stuff in and we did pretty well, but probably could have done better,” Grossart said. “The problem with the spread is a lot of teams don’t run it. It’s not that it’s a hard offense, but it’s different and the guys were a little uncomfortable. The North side, to their credit, had a great day and played well.” Grossart played in the game with former Folsom teammates Robert Gray and Joe Brinkmann. Despite the loss, Grossart had fun with the whole Optimist experience. “It was a blast,” Grossart said.