Sauna or later you need to try one of these

By: Art Garcia
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The Boomer generation now entering retirement age likes the latest and the best, whether its equipping their homes with the newest technology in the kitchen or drive-in size TV screens and Hollywood quality sound systems in home entertainment centers. Sunil Wadhwa and his wife Lori are convinced there’s another piece of equipment that eventually will gain appliance status, as common as a refrigerator or washer and dryer. The Promontory Point residents in El Dorado Hills have incorporated Life Saunas International (LSI), which they say offers the health benefits of far infrared heat. There’s anecdotal evidence, as well as some medical observations, to back up the healing benefits of the sauna’s “revolutionary” far infrared heat therapy and Carbon Wave 360 technology. Besides detoxifying and therapeutic benefits of the handsome handcrafted units, other claims are pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis, weight loss – burn up to 900 calories in a 30-minute session – joint stiffness, increased blood flow, lower blood pressure, signs of aging, skin (clogged pores, poor skin tone, acne) and eczema. Sunil Wadhwa, a 45-year-old life-long entrepreneur and LSI’s founder and CEO (Lori is co-founder and president) says entrepreneurial companies “are started as a good idea or from a personal experience.” It was the latter that matched him with LSI. As a teenager, he suffered from psoriasis, a skin ailment that went dormant for 30 years then reappeared a year ago “with a vengeance,” he said. “I started doing research to find what I could use to help with my psoriasis. The infrared exposure did incredible things for me. Seeing what it did and the benefits I read about, we decided this is a product that should become a household appliance.” Response in the El Dorado Hills market has been “fantastic,” he said. The far infrared heat used in the saunas directly penetrates the body’s tissues to depth of more than an inch and a half, right into the muscle. A conventional (steam) sauna must rely on indirect means of heat. Wadhwa attests to the safety of infrared ray technology noting it has been used in baby incubators and by NASA astronauts for almost 30 years. “Normal appliances clean external things, from our laundry to our dishes, plus we take a shower and brush our teeth,” he said. “But what do we do to clean the insides of our body? Nothing. The sauna helps cleanse the inside of our bodies by eliminating as much of the toxins as we can through our sweat glands. “We started because of my personal experience and the more we researched the market we absolutely believe this is a product that should be in every home,” he added. “We call it a ‘detoxification’ chamber, but it’s also an entertainment center.” That it is, offering everything but a popcorn machine. You can take liquid refreshments in the saunas, which can be accessorized with AM-FM radios, CD players for personal music and DVD players to watch a movie. Or just read a book. Other features: oxygen ionizer to purify the air; windows and all-glass doors for an open feeling; mood-setting luxury lights; chromotherapy (color lighting); cup holders; adjustable air vents; ergonomic back rest. Comparing the infrared saunas, which come partially pre-assembled and can be fully assembled at home in one to two hours and can be positioned most anywhere, just plug it in. With the more traditional steam versions or steam rooms, Wadhwa said for an effective sauna treatment you should sit in it for 30-45 minutes so the body warms up and eliminates through sweat glands the greatest amount of toxins. “But when you’re in the traditional steam sauna or steam room for five or 10 minutes you’re not really getting the benefits you should,” he said. The company offers four models with the Del Mar three-seater, priced at about $2,495, the most popular. The Malibu seats one to two and sells for $1,995; the Newport 3 is priced at about $2,795; and the Hollywood 4 goes for about $3,395. They can be checked out at