Sara Rose is her name and baseball is her game

By: Matt Long
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For Sara Rose Thibaut, playing baseball is all about having fun. Thibaut, 13, is in her ninth year of playing in the Folsom National Little League and has enjoyed the sport from day one. She hasn’t once considered playing softball, as it is of no interest to her. Baseball is her game. “Softball doesn’t look fun to me,” Thibaut said. “I like baseball in every way. I just like being out there and playing for fun.” As a member of the Folsom National Junior Giants, the 5-foot, 2-inch, 97-pound Thibaut plays everywhere on the field, but said pitcher, shortstop and first base are where she plays the most. “I like all the positions, but especially pitcher and first base,” Thibaut said. Thibaut is obviously a talented player, as she plays key positions on the field and can hit. “Sara Rose can hit the ball just as far if not further than anyone else on the team,” Giants coach Mark Bouclin. “She’s a good little player who understands the game. “The guys know that when she comes up that she’s got a good chance to get a hit.” Teammate Parker Oreno, who’s played on Thibaut’s team on more than one occasion over the years, said he could tell she loves the game. “She’s just like any other player out there,” Oreno said. “She just wants to play baseball and have fun. We all treat her the same way. “She’s really good at pitching and playing first base.” Oreno’s mom, Annette, did say that players on opposing teams sometimes make note of the fact that Thibaut is a girl. “Sometimes when Sara Rose is pitching and she strikes someone out, you’ll hear one of the players on the other team say, ‘dude, you just got struck out by a girl.’” After nine years of playing baseball with boys, Thibaut isn’t bothered by any comments about her. “I like it when they get mad when I strike them out,” Thibaut said. While baseball is Thibaut’s favorite sport, it’s not all she does. She also plays soccer and rides motocross. She’s talented in those sports too, as she won a motocross event last weekend.