Real story behind ice rinks demise

Reader input
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Last year the holiday ice skating rink was a wonderful attraction which provided a special ambiance to the Folsom Historic District. The skating rink was possible due to the combined financial support of the Folsom Historic District merchants along with the city of Folsom, FEDCorp, the Folsom Tourism Bureau and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. While the chamber encouraged the idea and provided extra manpower and financial support to create an inviting environment with seating and decorations, it was a community-sponsored attraction. To bring an ice rink to Folsom, start-up funding is required. The stakeholders including the merchants, city, chamber and tourism bureau were not able to provide funding this year due to the economic realities facing both government and the business community. More than 23,000 people enjoyed the ice rink last year and a subsidy was needed for the contractor to return to Folsom. While we are disappointed that the ice rink could not be a reality this year, the chamber and its partners in the historic district will begin exploring alternative financing options in January so next year hopefully residents will again be able to hit the ice. An ice rink during the holidays is just one possibility being explored for the historic district. A combined effort of historic district stakeholders is underway to not only economically revitalize this area but help it fulfill its destiny as a wonderful place for unique shopping and dining experiences as well as events, concerts, historical reflection and preservation. On behalf of the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, we would like to wish everyone a happy and successful holiday season. As you mark off your holiday list, please remember to shop locally during these challenging economic times and save money using the Folsom FLASHpass. Joe Gagliardi, CEO, Folsom Chamber of Commerce