Reader input: Runners need to learn etiquette

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I am a longtime, long distance runner who resides in Folsom and runs almost daily on the horse/dirt trails around Lake Natoma.

I feel compelled to write this letter as the behaviors I am seeing by fellow runners. Last week I found myself behind a group of male runners who were in their 30s. They were about 30 steps in front of me.

I turned a blind curve to find the last runner had stopped, lifted the side of his running short and was exposed and urinating in my direction. He was surprised I was right there but continued to complete his task as I had to run around him. He said nothing. Today I was running behind an adult male on the same trail for about 2 minutes and I was only 5-10 steps behind him.(You were wearing a grey wind breaker, white baseball hat worn backwards, black gloves and had a white safety bib on.) I noticed his left arm swing stopped and his arm was held in front of him as he continued to run.

Next thing I know, urine is blowing off of his shorts on the left side, onto my left thigh, shirt and side of my face. I backed off my pace, did not say anything initially, as we were on a section of the trail with no one else around and I did not feel comfortable approaching him alone.

His pace picked up, and I continued my run but from a distance behind him. At the end of my run I tried to locate him near a local eating establishment where runners and bikers hang out so that I could discuss this with him. I was unable to find him.

Moral of this story: People need to have etiquette in all situations. Be respectful of other humans. And for god’s sake, step off the path to take care of your needs or better yet find a bathroom!

Alice-Marie Laverdiere, Folsom