Reader input: Dog owner chastises those who don’t pick up pooch presents on trails

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I’m a dog owner, and I completely agree with those who are upset about people not picking up after their dogs.

Any time I walk my dogs, part of my routine is to take poop bags with me.

They don’t take up much space, and it’s not inconvenient.

Carrying them and using them shows respect and courtesy towards others, as well as protecting our rivers and streams from contamination.

People who bag their dog’s poop and leave it on the side of the road are just as bad, in my opinion. If you don’t want to carry it, get a backpack for your dog and have him carry it so you can dispose of it at home!

Both my husband and I have reprimanded other dog owners for neglecting to pick up after their dogs, even going so far as to give them one of our bags and watching them use it.

We both lament the fact that these people ruin dog-friendly places for everyone, and we want people to know that not everyone is an irresponsible dog owner!

Shelley Spranza, Folsom