Power punching

Davis, Gomez win titles, while Heredia wins by unanimous decision
By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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The Battle of the Badges proved to be a clean sweep for Folsom’s correctional officers, as the fighters exhibited speed and quickness, courage and power and will and stamina on their way to victory. James “Doin Damage” Davis, a correctional officer at Folsom Prison, won the United Combat Association state title fight at 175 pounds on Saturday night in Rancho Cordova, with a unanimous decision over Juan “Bad Blood” Bustamante of the Los Angeles Police Department. Davis utilized his superior speed and quickness to get the job done. Mike Gomez, a correctional officer from California State Prison, Sacramento, knocked out Richmond “D-Lo” De Los Cientos in the third round to claim the NorCal title at 270 pounds. He showed power with the knockout, as well as courage going up against a much bigger man. Gomez’ co-worker, Rafael “Big Nasty” Heredia, started the evening for the Folsom trio with a unanimous decision over Dru McDonald of Sac Metro Fire, utilizing his will and stamina, as he looked stronger as the fight went on. From the start of the fight, in front of several hundred spectators packed into Power Gym USA, Davis utilized his speed and quickness to his advantage, connecting with punches but few combinations, and won the first round. In the second round he scored with a left and a right early and later a three-punch flurry to the head and the rout was on. The third round was similar, as Davis proved he was the better boxer. “It feels good,” Davis said afterwards. “The key was me staying calm and just boxing. I would have liked to get the knockout, but on the other hand, I don’t think I ever got hit. I’m proud and happy. I had a lot of co-workers out there and I’m glad they got to see me in action.” Gomez, facing De Los Cientos, who was a few inches taller and outweighed him by nearly 40 pounds, proved the old adage the bigger they are the harder they fall. Despite being the smaller man, Gomez went right after him. “He was a big dude and strong, but my plan was to be aggressive,” Gomez said. “My plan was to distract him with my jab and work the body because that way I could take the power away from his punches.” The jab kept De Los Cientos honest through the first two rounds and it’s also the punch that finished the fight in the third. “I hit him with a jab and went to throw something else and he was already going down,” Gomez said. “I guess I just hit him in the right spot.” Gomez, who was sore and had a black eye a day after the bout, credited his training partners and cornermen for the win. “The people around me, the people I trained with and the guys in the corner, I couldn’t have done it without them,” Gomez said. “They deserve the credit.” Heredia got off to a slow start in the first round, getting hit hard enough to draw a standing-eight count from the referee, but that helped him refocus. “I had never had a standing-eight count before,” Heredia said. “In the first round I just wanted to see where my opponent was at and what he had and after that punch I realized he had a heavy right hand. That standing-eight count just drove me more.” Heredia picked his game up in the second round, connecting on several uppercuts that shifted momentum in his favor. Later in the second and early in the third, the overhead right hand was the weapon of choice, as he pummeled McDonald seven straight times with it. “That’s (overhand right) not normally a punch I work on, but my cornerman told me to go with it and I was connecting,” Heredia said. “Sometimes those guys see stuff that I’m not seeing and they won the fight for me.” In the United Combat Association’s NorCal title fight at 125 pounds, Lindsay “Bull” Dozier of the Fresno Police earned an unanimous decision over Christy Kim of the U.S. Air Force. The other NorCal title fight at 150 pounds saw Julie “J-Cat” Williams from CDCR San Quentin earned a split decision over Stacey Woienski of CDCR-DVI. In the undercard Noel “The Natural” Montes from Grimz Gym defeated Cesaer Garcia of Smash Time Gym by technical knockout, Brent Bugarin of the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department earned a TKO in the second round over Marc “Fists of Fury” Baes from CDCR Solano, Jodi Brown of the Sacramento Police Department defeated Nelly Mendoza of the Fresno PD by unanimous decision, Adan Castillo of the Yolo County Corrections earned a TKO over Mark “The Shark” Tibbles from CDCR Solano, Joe Gatie of CDCR High Desert defeated Craig “Ramblin” Hamblin of CDCR Solano with a second round TKO, Marco Montano of the U.S. Coast Guard defeated David Richardson of CDCR Solano with a second round knockout, while Neil Tremethick of the U.S. Army earned a unanimous decision over Chris Martinez of the Avenel PD.