Odd Jobs: Career counselor turns to chilly treats

By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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Mary Beth Hacker
Occupation: Ice cream vendor
Information: (916) 220-4124 or

FOLSOM, CA - Mary Beth Hacker works everyday to make a summertime tradition into a reality for local neighborhoods and children.

Hacker, 50, of Folsom, drives her electric cart around Folsom to sell ice cream everyday rather than just sitting in a cubical to pay the bills.

“I’m creating an ice cream buying experience,” Hacker said. “I’m a mom of four boys, a long time local resident and I’m driving an open Pink Golf Cart to sell ice cream. I offer most treats you can’t purchase in a store.”

Hacker said her ice cream business, called Lickity Split, is available to birthday parties, special events, home deliveries, corporate events, team snacks, fundraisers and regular drive routes through neighborhoods and parks. She takes credit and debit cards.

“I get my ice cream from Wells National Vending out of Sacramento,” she said. “My top sellers, so far, are the Snow Storm Cup and the SpongeBob Face.”

Hacker said she is also using Lickity Split to work with local schools and plans to visit other daycare and student centers as her new business grows.

So how does someone get into this kind of career?

“I had a friend start it a couple of years ago, and I mentioned if she ever sold it to call me. She did and I didn’t think twice and purchased it,” she said.

She also said this job allows her to get back to her roots of child development. She received a BA in Child Development from CSU, Chico.

“I also love being outdoors and just being around people,” she said. “My nickname since college days has been ‘Social Butterfly.’”

Before getting the ice cream business, Hacker worked as a career counselor for Folsom Cordova Unified School District at Cordova High School. She also worked various jobs with the City of Folsom.

She said with using an electric pink golf cart, her business is also helping keep her community clean.

“The cart is all electric and helps with air quality, especially on Spare the Air Days. I get home after routes, roll into my garage and plug it in,” she said. “It’s licensed in the city of Folsom and the County of Sacramento. The freezer where the treats are kept is called a cold plate which requires no ice and just plugs in, too.”

So what is the best part about being in the ice cream business?

“I enjoy seeing people’s smiles, whether they are 7 or 70,” she said. “I love being asked if I have what they used to get as children, and I can say, ‘You betcha.’”

For more information on Lickity Split, call (916) 220-4124 or visit