Oak Ridge grad takes 'Super' stage

Collie to play for the Colts in the Super Bowl on Sunday
By: Matt Long, Telegraph Sports Editor
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While Austin Collie prepares to play for the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday in Miami, his family, friends, former coaches and the El Dorado Hills community will be rooting for the former Oak Ridge High star. Collie, 24, is a big name lately and nearly everyone in El Dorado Hills who’s not a Saints fan will be pulling for the town’s football star. Eric Cavaliere, the current Oak Ridge High varsity football coach who was Collie’s wide receiver coach under head coach Chris Jones, said Collie is the talk of the town. “He’s being talked about all over our campus and all over town,” Cavaliere said. “I went to the dentist and the dental hygienist asked me about him. It’s been a lot of fun.” Collie’s parents, Scott and Nicole, said they are proud of their son and are thrilled to be able to attend the Super Bowl Sunday to watch him play. “We are extremely excited for him,” Scott said. “I’m not surprised at what he’s accomplished this year, but what’s surprising is the opportunity. You can be a great player and never get this opportunity, but he’s been given a great opportunity and has made the most of it.” The Collies have gone to a few games, including both playoff victories over the Ravens and Jets and have watched most of his games on television. After last week’s win over the Jets to win the AFC championship, Collie told his mom that he had to pinch himself to be sure that this is really happening. “Then he said, ‘when do I get to enjoy this’ because he was already thinking about what he needed to do to get ready for the Super Bowl,” Scott said. “I told him years from now he’ll ask himself why he didn’t allow himself to enjoy it. Then I told him he could enjoy it two weeks from now.” Collie’s 16-year-old brother, Dylan, is a sophomore at Oak Ridge, who plays football and basketball. His brother’s success has opened the doors for his own dreams. “What Austin is experiencing just takes my dreams and makes me feel they’re attainable,” Dylan said. “When you tell people that your dreams are to play at the next level and then professionally people laugh, but to my dad and my brothers Zac and Austin, they’ve had that opportunity and that makes me feel good.” Though his brother is eight years older than him, Dylan said they have a close relationship. “I’m not able to give him advice like dad and Zac can, but we communicate as often as possible,” Dylan said. “I try to stay away from being the younger brother (who) asks, ‘What’s it like to play with Peyton Manning?’” Scott said though it’s been an outstanding rookie season, no one has seen the best of his son yet. “I think about how well he’s played this year and just think how good he’s going to get,” Scott said. “He’s still learning and a lot have things haven’t become natural for him yet. When they do, he’s going to be a lot better.” Matt Long can be reached at