Letter: Where is transparency on CSD board?

Reader input
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Until recently most El Dorado Hills residents have felt that steps were being taken to resolve the differences between the CSD board and Mr. Skeel. Based on the latest newspaper article in the Telegraph stating that Mr. Skeel has been terminated, it clearly begs the question, “What is going on at the CSD?” It is clear to many EDH residents that I have spoken with that much of what has transpired was done behind closed doors. Only a smattering of information has been made public on this issue with Mr. Skeel. Add to that the concerns of some of those people who are employed by the CSD and their personal views that there is some cronyism going on between some board members and persons in positions of responsibility at the CSD and that raises many questions among the voters. Based on what has transpired so far I would like to see a policy of transparency by all actions, meetings, decisions, and viewpoints expressed by the board and Mr. Skeel on this issue. There are just too many coincidences that lead many to say that much is being decided behind closed doors. What is there to hide? Board members have fallen back on the statement that they do not discuss personnel matters publicly. While I appreciate that there are matters that are private when discussing personnel issues, the hiring and then the firing of Mr. Skeel deserves a much better public hearing than what has heretofore transpired. To the CDS board: Do the right thing. Show the transparency that the community deserves and expects. If you have all acted above board then there is nothing to hide. If not, then there is an accountability issue to be resolved and it should be transparent and public. You owe it to our community. Larry Keenan, El Dorado Hills