Letter: Bronner is choice for Assembly

Reader input
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It?s time for voters of the 6th Assembly District to start marking those ballots. There?s Beth Gaines, whose main interest these days seems to be giving businesses that should have known the requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) long ago, more time to get up to speed. She could have been worrying about funding for our deteriorating school systems, but why do it when her children primarily went to private schools, and anyway she pledged to outsider Grover Norquist of Virginia that she wouldn?t. There?s Andy Pugno, whose main interest in the public sector has been to make sure that government regulates your private life, an odd position for a conservative. He took the Norquist pledge, too. That leaves Reginald (Regy) Bronner, who wants to get big money special interests out of government, and has made no pledges except to cross the aisle and help repair the state?s crumbling economy. Susan Cohn, Roseville