Letter: 'Ask Miki' is too 'tabloid'

Reader input
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I have resisted expressing my opinion on the column “Ask Miki,” believing that in this day and age so much of our cultural appetite revolves around smut and I would be hard pressed to try and fight the fight as a mere individual who finds it distasteful. However, many of my friends have commented about the unsavory nature of this column that I feel obliged to register a complaint on “our” behalf. My own opinion of the content of this column is that it is boorish and redundant. More importantly, I agree that it gives the Telegraph the appearance of a tabloid. I have enjoyed the Telegraph and the community-feel, but I must say that I do not care to identify, as a Folsom resident, with the base quality of the fluff being written in “Ask Miki.” I vote for keeping the Telegraph a decent, informative, (and otherwise well-written) community based publication, absent the decadent fodder of a tabloid. Carolyn Peterson, Folsom