Juniors wrap up regular season at weekend rodeo

Sparrowk, Buchanan take All Around
By: Jim Linsdau News Messenger Sports Editor
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It was a soggy, muddy finish to the California High School Rodeo Association District 3 competition at the Lincoln Rodeo Arena this past weekend. But all went well as the Juniors All Around cowboy and cowgirl were announced and the district’s queen for the coming year was chosen. Molly Sparrowk (eighth grade, Clements) won the saddle for the Juniors’ girls division and Cody Buchanan (eighth grade, Oakdale) earned it for the boys. Sparrowk had earned 458 points going into the weekend and Buchanan 326. The maximum number of points a contestant can earn in a single juniors event is 10. Buchanan and Sparrowk teamed up this year in the ribbon roping to set a new arena record of 6.59 seconds. Buchanan did the roping and Sparrowk did the running. Buchanan was the No. 1 cowboy in ribbon roping and tie-down roping; Sparrowk was first in ribbon roping and team roping – header. Sparrowk competes in all the girls’ events. District 3 also selected its queen for the coming year and Tay Creeks again won the competition. Creeks, a junior at Golden Sierra High, was the reigning queen for 2011-12 and was hoping for another year to complete what she had started. “I’m running for fun. And I’m running because I feel like there’s a lot last year that I didn’t complete as I wanted to because it was more of a learning process for me of being queen,” said Creeks before earning the privilege a second time. “So this year I felt if I won there’s a lot I could help change. I don’t know, it’s kind of my way of giving back to rodeo – helping.” Creeks ran against Taylor Myers, a sophomore at Rio Linda High School, running for the first time. This was also Myers’ first year competing in rodeo and was ranked 12th in barrel racing going into the weekend. “I had my mom and a friend, who was ex-queen, and I thought it would be cool to try it,” Myers said of why she entered the competition. She added that running for queen proved to be a lot of work. Creeks said the competition was easier for her this year because of her past experience. But said there is a misconception that the queen’s job is just one of looking pretty. Creeks said as queen she has to put in a lot more time and energy above and beyond the regular events. “Queens are not all glitz and glamour,” Creeks said after winning the competition. “After all, we are true cowgirls and know firsthand what it takes to compete and put on a rodeo.” Creeks said part of her job was getting people hooked on that “rodeo feeling.” In June, Creeks will also compete in the state competition in Fresno for the CHSRA Queen. Lincoln’s final seniors rodeo is scheduled for April 28-29 at the Lincoln Rodeo Grounds. All graduating seniors will be honored with a Grand Entry ride around the arena. An announcement prepared by each will be read during the ceremony. The seniors awards will be presented following the competition on Sunday. Additional Reporting courtesy Kathy Prendergast/District 3 Rodeo CHSRA District 3 Rodeo Juniors Division All Around BOYS – Cody Buchanan GIRLS – Molly Sparrowk DISTRICT 3 QUEEN – Tay Creeks