It's a knockout

Softball team takes up boxing
By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Folsom High softball coach Brett Magorian wants to be sure his players are strong, fit and in shape for the upcoming softball season. To that end members of Folsom High’s varsity softball team have been working out once a week at Prime Time Boxing in Folsom. For about an hour every Tuesday since October, the girls tape their hands, tie on the gloves and work out just like a boxer: jumping rope, throwing punches and working the heavy bag. The practice starts after school with a jog from Folsom High down the street to the gym at 1710 Prairie City Road. “Cross training is very popular now and boxing works your core and obviously helps with conditioning,” Magorian said. “There are a lot of things a boxing workout does for you that rolls over to softball and any other sport really.” Magorian’s players have enjoyed the workouts, mainly because they’re a different type of training. “We leave the school as a team at 3:15 and if anyone’s late the jog turns into a sprint,” said Folsom senior third baseman, shortstop and catcher Shirley May. “The workout is definitely kicking our butts, especially when we first started. It’s been interesting. It’s something new and it’s fun.” Sophomore center fielder Whitney Mayberry also enjoys the challenging workouts. “I have never done anything like it before and didn’t know anything about boxing,” Mayberry said. “It was hard at first, and it’s getting easier, but they mix it up so it’s still difficult. I think they’re good workouts. It’s fun.” Assistant coach Chelsea Camous, who also participates in the workouts, said the team has benefitted from their time in the gym. “Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour and includes boxing fundamentals as well as core and strength conditioning,” Camous said. “We chose to do this because the basic fundamentals of boxing are transferable to softball, as everything starts with the legs and hips. It’s nice for the girls to get the same information from other sources so they have variety in their coaching but consistency at the same time.” Cary Williams-Nunez, co-founder and CEO of Prime Time Boxing, said the boxing workout is good cross-training for every sport. “Boxing is a lot of hand-eye coordination and agility work, which relates to softball,” Williams-Nunez said. “We also improve their strength which will give them more power in the balls they throw and hit. There’s also the conditioning aspect of the sport as well.” Camous is pleased with workouts Prime Time has given the team as well as the progress that has been made in the athletes. “Prime Time does a great job of integrating their workouts with motions that we need to be successful and strong on the field,” Camous said. “We have been able to work with four of their trainers and each one brings something new and challenging to the table.” Besides helping the girls improve their stamina, agility, hand-eye coordination, core stability and strength, among other things, working out at Prime Time has also helped to build some camaraderie. “We have a lot of new girls this year and we’ve worked hard together and this has helped a lot to bring us together,” May said.