It’s time to splash, kick and swim

California Family Fitness offers swim lessons for all ages and skill levels at the Folsom gym
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California Family Fitness announced its spring and summer swim lesson schedule for the Folsom club. California Family Fitness offers both private and group swim lessons for all ages, and classes range from beginner to advanced. Lessons are not only designed to teach young children how to swim, but also offer more advanced swimmers techniques to improve stroke and become more efficient in the water. WHERE: California Family Fitness, 700 Oak Avenue Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630 WHEN: Session Dates: Session 1: April 25 - May 5 Session 2: May 9th - May 19th Session 3: May 23rd - June 2nd (2nd week is Tuesday - Friday) Session 4: June 6th - June 16th Session 5: June 20th - June 30th Session 6: July 5th - July 14th (1st week is Tuesday - Friday) Session 7: July 18th - July 28th Session 8: August 1st - August 11th Session 9: August 15th - August 25th Session 10: August 29th - September 9th (2nd week is Tuesday - Friday)