Homegrown TV series treads 'Dangerous Waters' at Three Stages in Folsom

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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A bit of Hollywood style graced the premiere of “Dangerous Waters” at Three Stages on March 7. Airing on HDTV, the 10-episode reality show follows the exploits of a group of guys making a trek from Seattle to the waters of Russia on Sea-Doos. Series creator Steven Moll, head of the expedition, told the gathering the trip started as an idea with little funding and without the support of his wife, wouldn’t have happened. “Honey, I know the phone rang off the hook (with creditors),” Moll said, become visibly choked up as he described their decision to stop paying their house and car payments to fund the expedition. “When I spoke to her on the trip, she never told me about any of that. I love you, honey.” Editing of the raw footage was done by Folsom-based Red Barn Films. “This (series) is homegrown in Folsom,” said Folsom Vice Mayor Steve Miklos. “Production costs for the ‘Dangerous Waters’ first season was $1 million, a part of which is funneled right back into our economy. We’re very proud.” The series has been picked up for a second season and Sea-Doo, the makers of the personal watercraft, is on board as sponsors once again. As for the Moll family’s financial woes, the calls have creditor’s call have ceased and they’re once again making their regular payments. “This started as an idea and a dream,” Moll said. “Thank you all so much for being here.” Also in attendance were Folsom City Council members Ernie Sheldon and Jeff Starsky along with El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting. The evening’s ticket sales were donated to local charities. Seats in the main stage at Three Stages were filled for the premiere.