High intensity workout has women seeing results

Val Fujii's Superwomen Boot Camp a hit
By: Matt Long
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For women looking to lose weight, add muscle or tone up or simply looking for a different type of workout, maybe they should go to boot camp. Not in the Armed Forces, however, but to Val Fujii’s Superwomen Boot Camp. The 39-year-old El Dorado Hills personal trainer has held his boot camp in Folsom for about a year and his clients swear by it. So does Fujii. “I guarantee results,” Fujii said. “I’m in the business for results, not memberships.” Fujii’s got classes meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 a.m. and another from 7 to 8 a.m. on the tennis courts at the Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Complex. There he pushes the women through the hour-long class that keeps them moving. To Fujii, his boot camp is all about intensity. “People go to gyms all the time but they don’t see results because they don’t work hard enough,” Fujii said. “My camp is all about intensity. I set up five stations and the women go through and do the drills. They see results. “The camp is for women and they’ve got a support system right there and they feel comfortable.” Folsom’s Yolie Noorani, 50, has been attending the camp for a month and loves it. “I’d never done a boot camp before and I was new to it, but Val made me feel comfortable,” Noorani said. “I’m one of the heaviest in my class and he showed me how to modify the training to make it low impact. “After my first class I was so sore I could barely roll out of bed, but I feel so much better now after only one month of training. I’m working muscles I hadn’t worked in a long time and I belong to a gym.” Another Folsom resident, Grace Trenerry, also enjoys the boot camp. “I had been walking a lot but wasn’t losing weight so I heard about the boot camp and signed up and I think it’s fantastic,” Trenerry said. “I do the exercises and I feel so energized. I wish it was more than two days a week. “I’ve seen results and I feel so good.” After a warm-up session that stretches the muscles and gets the heart rate up, it’s time to get to work. Fujii has stations set up and divides the class up and they all spend a short time at each station before moving to the next. While the class lasts an hour, the actual workout is only about 20 minutes. “It’s 20 minutes of intense, non-stop work,” Trenerry said. “I have a treadmill, an exercise bike and a rowing machine at home but I don’t get anywhere with them. With Val we use our own body as a tool and it’s better than the gym.” Noorani added, “The best part about it is that Val is always texting or e-mailing us throughout the week reminding us to do our cardio and eating healthy food. I feel like his heart is into it. I’m sure it’s a job to him, but I can tell he feels good doing this for people.” Valerie Swanson, a 24-year-old Rancho Cordova resident, started the camp at the end of April and has seen results. “I wanted to get toned up, get fit and get stronger,” Swanson said. “It’s high intensity and it’s not an extreme amount of time and the workout is always different. I’m exhausted when the class is over, but it’s a good way to start the say. “It motivates me to keep up the nutrition part of it.” For more information on Val Fujii’s Superwomen Boot Camp, visit