Hard workin' rock band hits area

By: Eileen Wilson Telegraph Correspondent
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Powerhouse Pub patrons are in for a delicious night of hard rockin’ on Jan.19. Jonathan Tyler and his band are taking a swing through Northern California on their jam-packed tour and they’ll be bringing their classic rock sound to historic Sutter Street. The band is in hot demand. “We’ve had good opportunities,” said front man and founder Jonathan Tyler. “I’ve played with AC/DC, ZZ Top. I’ve played with Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes.” With songs like Gypsy Ways and Devil’s Basement, Tyler and his band, the Northern Lights, will appeal to rockers and blues lovers alike. “A lot of people call us classic rock, or blues rock,” Tyler said. “We get compared to Led Zeppelin, Stones, Lenny Kravitz and the Black Crowes.” Tyler said the band appeals to audiences of all ages, and seeing both young and old fans at shows is typical. “A lot of the music I feel the closest connection to is ’60s and early ’70s rock n’ roll — Hippie rock,” he said. Tyler said one of his favorite aspects of making music is writing songs. “I love the tradition of writing — of storytelling,” he said, explaining that bands like the Rolling Stones tell stories with their music as well. Tyler comes by his talent naturally. He was raised in a family that was musical. “I grew up singing in the living room,” he said. “Very early on I loved singing, and buying music. I got my first guitar at 13 years old, and I put aside everything else. I just fell in love with it.” Tyler developed a love for Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and the Allman brothers. “A lot of guitar-based bands,” he said. In addition to opening for bands that Tyler grew up listening to, he and the Northern Lights have performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and recently had songs placed on major network TV shows like “Friday Night Lights,” “Criminal Minds,” and Martin Scorsese’s HBO show, “Boardwalk Empire.” “We’ve done several different shows, here and there; it’s been good exposure,” Tyler said. Tyler’s goal is to continue to write great material and hopefully put together a tour overseas. “We would love to head to Europe; to Spain,” he said. “We’re ambitious, but we’re also really happy doing what we’re doing here and making a living at it.” The band has a record, titled “Pardon Me,” which will appear in stores on April 27. Until then, fans can head to Powerhouse Pub and get their fill of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. “We’re going to bring a lot of energy. We make it danceable. We get down and dirty. We play hard,” Tyler said. “People will get on their feet and really enjoy the show.” * * * KNOW AND GO Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights Where: Powerhouse Pub, 614 Sutter St., Historic Folsom When: 10 p.m., Wednesday Admission: $10 Web:,