Gas price rise relentless

Cost of a gallon jumps 13 cents in a week
By: Jim Ratajczak, The Telegraph
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Gas prices are on the rise again. According to the American Automobile Association Web site, the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.189, up from $2.507 last March. Really, that price isn't so bad “ unless you live in the Golden State. Last week alone, the average price in California for regular gasoline increased 13.1-cents from the previous week, reports the California Energy Commission. And according to the Energy Information Administration, that average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $3.459. It's almost easy to forget, or painful to remember, that the average price less than a month ago was $3.191, a figure which more closely resembles the current national price, rather than a drive-through lunch. About town, gas prices are more or less spot-on with the state average, forcing many drivers to put that extra bit of effort into finding the best deal. I live in Placerville, but I don't mind driving the extra miles for this price, said Toni Beers, who was filling her car up at the Raley's Aisle 1 Fuel Station on Blue Ravine. I do my shopping down here anyway, but I'd rather pay this price for gas. Beers, who said she only buys gas maybe once a month, is grateful that she's retired and isn't so reliant on her car given the current gas rates. I'm one of the lucky ones, she said. Stephanie Biagetti, of Folsom, was refueling her car at the same station as Beers for the very same reason “ the (relatively) cheap fuel. I always come here because I know I can get the lowest prices here, she said. But really, I just eat the cost (of gas). I can't go into work any less. Biagetti has three children and spring break is rapidly approaching. But because of ever-rising costs, Disneyland isn't in the plans. We're certainly not going to make the drive to Southern California, she said. I think the drive to South Lake Tahoe is a bit more realistic. For one Folsom resident, his last trip to the pump ended up being his last straw. I filled my old truck up the other day and paid $136 and it lasts me a week, said John Sprouse, Jr. I thought, ˜That's enough.' Sprouse had been looking for a new truck for more than two years, but he finally took the plunge with this latest gas hike. I bought a new truck because of the (price climb), he said. The old work truck I have gets eight miles to the gallon. The new diesel one I bought gets 17. The money I save will probably pay for half of my new truck payments. Whether or not that actually happens, Sprouse, Biagetti, Beers, and others like them, will continue to do what they can to keep their gas tanks “ and wallets “ full.