Garden club's roots go deep

Editor's column
By: Don Chaddock, The Telegraph
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Talk about deep roots. For 75 years, the Folsom Garden Club has been a part of the landscape of the town. Anna Lombard, a club member, said local garden enthusiasts have been putting their skills to work for the betterment of the town for decades. “Fifty years ago, (the club) helped plant on Sutter Street,” she said. “We’re very involved in the community.” What the club is most known for is the annual spring garden tour. Lombard said the club is seeking applicants now for next year’s tour. “We’re looking for gardens,” she said. “We’re going into our tenth year (for the tour). Proceeds go to scholarships for those entering the horticulture field and community projects.” Like gardening, planning is involved in putting on the tour. “We start early,” she said. To suggest a garden, or offer up your own, call 989-2003. READER FEEDBACK “Where ever you go, there you are,” quoted from that cinematic classic, “Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension,” could adequately answer the question, “Where in the world is Folsom Lake Honda located?” According to the new dealership’s letterhead, it is located in Rancho Cordova. But, the business is located just a stone’s throw from Folsom’s official borders. There has been talk to annex the area and make it part of Folsom, allowing the city to share in its sales tax revenue. Local attorney Robert Holderness believes it’s something that needs to happen because the current U.S. Post Office designation is confusing. He took issue with our story on July 15 that indicated the dealership is in Rancho. “Calling that location ‘Rancho Cordova’ is a fiction indulged in by the U.S. Postal Service,” Holderness writes. “In the 1980s they called Salmon Falls ‘Folsom’ and what is now Gold River, ‘Rancho Cordova.’ Those designations don’t make them so.” Thank you for your letter, Robert. WHO ARE YOU FOOLING? A letter to the editor in today’s paper accuses the Telegraph of purposely misleading its readers regarding the proposed redevelopment of Sutter Street with our “Streetwise” question published a few weeks ago. Folsom resident Dave Gunter writes, “I was … perplexed and confused … about the opinions given by Folsom residents. … I quipped to my wife that they must have worked hard to find three people who agreed with the pending changes to our beloved Sutter Street until I found out they were all Sutter Street business owners. … The Telegraph failed to mention that miniscule detail.” Thank you for your letter, Dave. Actually, we were very upfront about the idea behind questioning Sutter Street merchants as it was suggested in these very pages in another reader’s letter to the editor. Patsy Schwedler, of Folsom, wrote a letter in mid-June about the redevelopment project. “It seems to me the only people I hear espousing the benefits of the revamped Historic Sutter Street are the City Council or perhaps those who might most benefit financially from the project. This does not include the shopkeepers and vendors of Sutter Street. What are their thoughts? … I would like to know the opinions of the merchants on Sutter Street.” Well, we took Patsy’s suggestion, sent Telegraph reporter Cole Mayer down to Sutter Street and had him pose the question to the business owners. We certainly didn’t hide the fact they were merchants since we indicated the business affiliation under each person’s name. Trevor Sansom, of Folsom, submitted his own critique of our questions, which we published in the July 22 edition. “The Telegraph recently interviewed people about the remodeling of Sutter Street. Each person was asked how they feel about it. All of them supported the remodeling. How shocking since they all were owners of stores on Sutter Street. Of course they are going to support the distorting of the historic Sutter Street. They will benefit from it. How about asking the people about how they feel about what you want to do to Sutter Street?” Trevor, that is an excellent idea. While we’ve done it before, we will probably do so again as we’re always interested in what the average resident has to say. WHO'S CHICKEN? For those who don’t know, Rachel Chaddock, writer of “Rachel’s Recipes” in the Telegraph and other newspapers in the region, is my wife. Her recent column featuring a chicken recipe drew the wrath of reader Eleanor Thomas. “I didn’t read the column,” Eleanor admitted. “I could hardly want to read something that glorifies the eating of a sentient creature.” For the full comments, visit and keyword search “rachel chaddock.” Don Chaddock is the editor of the Telegraph and may be reached at