Folsom teen sets state power lifting records

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Carson Fox only weighs 155 pounds, but the teenager is strong.

The 15-year-old sophomore at Folsom High set three state power lifting records for his age group and weight class last month at the Backyard Meet of the Century at Super Training Gym in Sacramento. Fox, competing in the 14- to 16-year-old age group and 148-pound weight class, bench pressed 226 pounds, squatted 235 pounds and dead lifted 270 pounds, all state records in the Southern Power Lifting Federation record books.

Fox began power lifting three years ago.

“A friend of mine encouraged me to do it because he thought I could set records,” Fox said. “I immediately loved it. I liked lifting heavy weights and training for it.”

Fox lifts four to five times a week with at least two days of rest. After maintaining that schedule for two months, he takes a week off to rest. His dedication to the sport doesn’t end there. He also eats the part of a power lifter. He eats 2,000 calories a day with a diet high in protein.

“I eat a lot of chicken and rice, oatmeal, egg whites and lots of good carbohydrates,” Fox said. “All that helps build muscle and not fat.”

While Fox has been lifting for three years, last month’s competition was his first. He knew what the bench press and squat records were but his attempt in the dead lift was a first for him.

“I just tried the dead lift for the first time and I set a personal-record,” Fox said.

Fox’s dad, Mike, is proud of his son’s accomplishments, but even more so in his dedication to the sport.

“I don’t know too many kids who that bring skinless chicken, brown rice and vegetables to school for lunch,” Fox’s dad said. “He’s not just into lifting, but he’s into eating healthy too. Back when he started lifting, I’d go to the gym with him and he’d be waiting on me to finish. Now I’ll walk over to him and I’m waiting on him. He’s very intense with it.”

Fox, who also plays baseball, is looking forward to his next competition in the spring. Down the road, his goal is to set national records, but at this point he doesn’t know what those records are since he doesn’t know what weight class he’ll be in or what age group he’ll be in when he gets close enough to attempt to break those records. He does know one thing, though, and that’s what he likes about power lifting.

“I like the pain afterwards; the burn after you lift,” Fox said. “I love the blood pumping into my muscles.

“I also like looking good,” he said with a laugh.