Folsom school rally targets bullying

Middle school site of concert to promote tolerance
By: Laura Newell, Telegraph staff writer
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A special rally was held at Folsom Middle School last week to promote tolerance and discourage bullying. The bay area band, ?Alma Desnuda,? came to the school on Wednesday, April 25, to promote tolerance in schools and teach students how to feel comfortable in their own skin. The band has made teaching tolerance the goal of their performances. ?The band?s message is bringing good to humanity and using music as a passageway to bring goodness to the world,? said Folsom Middle School science teacher Stacey Mohler. Many students said they felt inspired by the music and the lessons taught by the band members. ?Alma Desnuda decided to come play here today for us and we?re having a lot of fun,? said eighth-grader Nate Barraclough, 14. ?The band came to teach us how to make our school a better place by learning to respect ourselves and be tolerate of others.? Math and science teacher Marcene Covington said the band is a good way to teach this message because the students can better relate to a younger generation. ?Having young people teaching them about tolerance with music is more of an impact,? Covington said. ?This is an important age for this lesson because in middle school kids have no filters. They just say what they think. They don?t have a lot of impulse control.? She said middle school aged kids are also more incline to fall into the peer pressure of bullying, so all the positive reinforcement on tolerance they can receive is helpful during their adolescent years. Some students explained the biggest issues they face today at school include judging other kids, picking on kids for personal characteristics like height and being involved in sports and needing to uphold a certain image. But students described the most difficult issue faced today is not belonging in ?clique-y? groups. They said it is easy to feel forgotten or ?pushed aside? from close groups of peers. Some parents also attended the rally. ?This is a positive thing,? said Brenda Campeau, the mother of sixth-grader Sean. ?Anytime we can help teach kids about self motivation, it?s a good thing.?