Folsom boy featured in Sports Illustrated for kids

By: Matt Long
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Connor Ellison has become somewhat of a small-time celebrity in Folsom, but at 13 years old, is still a kid who has to follow house rules. When his mom, Tiffany, says clean your room, take out the trash or set the table, Connor, a seventh-grader at Sutter Middle School, is expected to do it. For his part, Connor has no problem following orders. “I was joking with him that just because he is in Sports Illustrated he still has to take out the trash,” Tiffany said. “Connor is a very humble kid and he’s really kind. He didn’t tell a soul that he was in Sports Illustrated and I think that’s cool that he didn’t feel the need to do that.” Connor is Sports Illustrated Kids’ Athlete of the Month, featured prominently on page 18 of the current edition. He was selected because last summer he became the youngest rider to finish the Race Across America, a race from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, MD. Connor helped raise more than $100,000 for Team Donate Life, a non-profit organization promoting organ donation. Ellison has a rare liver disease that keeps him from participating in contact sports. He has since, however, found his love in bicycling. Despite the fact that he kept quiet about being featured in the national magazine, he was thrilled to be in it. “I think it’s awesome,” Connor said. “It’s pretty amazing and really cool. I didn’t tell any of my friends about it, but a couple of them who get the magazine brought it into school and showed it to me.” Connor just completed the cyclecross racing season and is now preparing for the road and mountain bike racing season. “Bicycling is the only sport I do,” Connor said. “I have found my passion.” Tiffany was surprised when she finally saw the magazine. “They had told us that he was going to be in previous issues and he wasn’t,” Tiffany said. “I saw the magazine in the airport and picked it up and it was in there. Even though I knew he would be in there at some point, I couldn’t believe it happened. It’s exciting.”