Folsom artist's work showcased at Second Saturday on Sutter Street

By: Eileen Wilson, Folsom Lake Entertainer
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This year’s Second Saturday Art Walk in Historic Folsom will bring in much talent from the region. The event kicked off in mid-April, and will continue through September, to the delight of businesses, art patrons, and folks who are looking for fun and relaxation upon a Saturday evening. While the event includes street performers, live music and business discounts and specials, the real stars are the artists. Roy Moffatt is just such an artist. A watercolorist, Moffatt’s interest in art didn’t develop until he was in to middle adulthood. “A friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I joked that I wanted a set of watercolors, but when I received them, I didn’t know what to do with them,” Moffatt said. “I started painting on little scraps of paper and I became addicted.” Today Moffatt is a prolific painter, much to his fans’ delight. Washes of color, some muted; silvery grays depicting storm clouds racing across the foothills or ocean, some vibrant – greens, turquoises, whorls of color that make up the stuff of a brilliant sky over a wheat field of sunny yellow, his paintings are remarkable in their depth and perspective, not to mention the artist’s unique interpretation. Moffatt recognizes Milford Zornes, an important figure in the California Watercolor Movement, as his inspiration. “I took one of Zornes’ workshops — he was in his mid-90s at the time, but it was wonderful. I was learning from a real legend,” Moffatt said. Moffatt has perfected numerous techniques, and many who have had the privilege of viewing his art would agree. “The thing I like about watercolors, especially the wet-on-wet technique, is it’s unpredictable. It gives you a soft effect,” Moffatt said. “Also, I love painting plein air, and with watercolors, the set up is nothing, unlike if you were painting with oils or acrylic.” Moffatt enjoys art that is representational, but also likes works that really show the artist’s interpretation. And Moffatt enjoys displaying his interpretations, as well. Though he typically focuses on landscapes, Moffatt created a playful series that involve fish – a series which people are really drawn to. “People paint fish a lot, but they don’t usually paint the fish in a head-on perspective. I went to a seafood wholesaler and then decided to paint them straight on. I did a whole series of fish faces in ink and watercolor. They have been really popular,” Moffatt said. Unique, colorful and brilliant, Moffatt’s fish portraits are just one example of the highly-skilled artist’s delightful interpretation. Lori Anderson, a founding member of the Sutter Street Artists, enjoys Moffatt’s art immensely. “Roy’s art has a soft, dreamy quality that is exciting and at the same time, relaxing to look at. It really draws the viewer in,” Anderson said. Moffatt displays pieces at the Sutter Street Art Gallery in Folsom, and the Gold Country Artists Gallery in Placerville. But he especially enjoys displaying his work – and creating it – outdoors, in front of an audience. “On previous Second Saturdays I set up outside and painted – it was so much fun. A little girl, maybe six or seven years old, came by before lunch, then came over again after her family had finished eating. She was just fascinated, so I let her paint on the piece,” Moffatt said. “It’s so common for people to come up and want to get involved when you are painting outside – and Second Saturday is great because you get immediate feedback.” * * * KNOW AND GO What:?Sutter Street Second Saturday – including artist reception, 5 p.m., May 12 Where: Sutter Street, Folsom Who: Featured Artist, Roy Moffatt Artist information:? Event information: