Editor's View: Snakes slither into snapshot slip

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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Do editors take sick time? Yes, we do, if it?s absolutely necessary. Such was my case last Thursday. The result of that day caused my e-mail to choke, bouncing back messages to senders because it had reached its capacity by the weekend. If you sent me something and it was lost in the electronic ether, accept my apologies and make sure you didn?t receive an ?undeliverable? message in your inbox. With that out in the open, let?s take a look at what is going on in the area. Oops department It was a hiss and miss for the top of last week?s page A1. My enthusiastic graphic artist thought it would be mighty nice to add a photo of a snake to ?tease? to the story inside on rattlesnake dangers in last week?s Telegraph. The problem? The selected photo wasn?t a rattler, but a harmless little snake often found in gardens. Unfortunately, your exhausted editor didn?t catch the photo mishap when the black-and-white proof of the page (containing a grainy photo of a snake) made its way across my desk in the last hour of the deadline day. Ultimately, it?s my error. So, to make things right, I would like to advise our readers to refrain from taking up arms against the harmless snake pictured in the ?skyboxes? on the front of the Folsom Telegraph last week. In fact, don?t take up arms against any snake ? whether or not they are dangerous. If you come across a rattlesnake in your backyard, it?s best to have it removed. According to the city of Folsom?s website (, here?s what you should do if you stumble across a rattlesnake in your back yard. ?Any snake can bite. Leave all snakes alone, and give them a chance to move off. If you have a rattlesnake that you feel is a threat, you can call Animal Control or your local Fire Department for advice. Do not try and approach or capture the snake yourself. Also consider ?snake-proof? fencing your yard if you are in an area that is Rattlesnake habitat,? the website states. ?Rattlesnakes are quite shy. Their rattle is a warning to stay away. Rattlesnakes use their venomous bite to kill the small mammals they eat. You can?t always identify a rattlesnake by color patterns, its rattle, or triangular-shaped head.? Here are some handy numbers to have: ? Folsom Animal Services Officer: (916) 439-2268 ? Sacramento County Animal Control: (916) 368-7387 ? El Dorado County Animal Control: (530) 621-5795 (Placerville) ? Placer County Animal Control: (530) 886-5500 Odds and ends Longtime time Folsom resident May Marsalla is turning 100 on May 15. To help mark the occasion, The Folsom Rotary Annes and the Rotary Club of Folsom honored her at their combined meetings May 3 at the Rotary Clubhouse at Lew Howard Park. More than 90 friends, family, and Rotarians and their spouses helped celebrate the milestone. Congratulations, May. Happy early birthday. Earlier this year, 9-year-old Elizara ?Ellie? Pellegrini, of Folsom, submitted eight pieces of art, in four different divisions, in the 5-to-9-year-old class, to the California State Fair Youth Art & Design Expo. She won first place in Pastel & Charcoal division and second place in the 3D Sculpture division. She also received four Honorable Mention awards, one in the Pen, Pencil & Printmaking division, one in the Mixed Media division and two in the Pastel & Charcoal division. Her first and second place pieces will be on display this summer at the California State Fair in the Youth Art and Design Expo building. Did you know May 15 is Peace Officers? Memorial Day in Folsom? Well, now you do so show some respect. Lastly, The Telegraph is covering the Folsom City Council as it happens. Check out on the second and fourth Tuesday nights for updated coverage of what?s happening with Folsom?s elected officials. Telegraph Managing Editor Don Chaddock?s column publishes weekly. Follow him on Twitter @anewsguy and read his online weight loss column, The Saturday Skinny, at He can be reached at