Editor's View: Is regional cooperation the wave of the future?

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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Regional partnerships look like the way to go in the future when it comes to public safety. There has been talk of regionalizing law enforcement efforts but the real focus last week was the shiny new piece of equipment sitting in the Glenn Folsom Fire Station parking lot last week. Carrying a total price of $375,000, Folsom and four others split the cost of $75,000 while the feds picked up the remaining $300,000 tab through a grant. Many folks attended the demonstration last week including Rep. Dan Lungren, Folsom Mayor Jeff Starsky, Vice Mayor Andy Morin, Police Chief Sam Spiegel, City Manager Kerry Miller, Assistant City Manager Evert Palmer, City Public Information Office Sue Ryan and Folsom Fire Chief Dan Haverty. Starsky’s speech was short and to the point as he was unable to stand for long. He’s hobbling around on crutches due to knee surgery. Morin, clad in running shorts and a T-shirt, came straight to the event following a run, which Lungren teased him about (all in good fun, of course). “I always thank Andy,” Lungren said. “No matter how I’m dressed, I know I’ll be better dressed than Andy. I don’t even know why I wore this coat.” On a side note, Rep. Lungren is facing off against Democrat challenger Dr. Ami Bera in the upcoming November election. We’ll be covering the race as it heats up. Newsroom news All the editors from Gold Country Media met recently to powwow on our coverage, critique our work and outline some of our own expectations for ourselves. General consensus: We all like to write and would like to do more. In addition to my column, you’ll be seeing more of my writing in the regular pages of the paper. Have a story idea that is of local interest? Shoot me an e-mail at telling me why you think it’s important to be in the paper. We’ll go from there. Would you like to read more “people” stories? More hard news (crime and fire)? More politics? More government? More history? Let me know. Don Chaddock is the managing editor of the Telegraph. He can be reached at