Editor's View: Folsom Cattle Drive, reader feedback on tap

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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After a week of vacation, following a hectic two weeks of production on the 50 Things to Do Summer Fun Guide and Folsom Lake Entertainer, this bone-tired ink slinger found his way back to his desk. What I discovered upon my return was an overloaded voicemail inbox (which had shut itself off as a self-preservation measure) and hundreds of e-mails. Sometimes, all the work we do before a vacation and the mop-up work after, minimizes the value of the break. Bulls and Brews Before the Cattle Drive, expect to see a new event at 6 p.m., Thursday, June 28. The Bulls and Brews Urban Iditarod (formerly a fun run) features teams and creatively festooned shopping carts ?mushing? up and down Sutter Street gathering donated food for the Twin Lakes Food Bank. There will be awards for best decorated cart, costumed team and most food collected. Participants will receive a free shirt, swag bag, frosty beverage at the finish line and free entrance to the Powerhouse Pub after-party, which is open to the public. Teams are welcome, but not necessary. Individuals will be connected with other lone ?mush? teams. The shopping carts are provided by Walmart. To register, visit or call the Folsom Chamber of Commerce at (916) 985-2698. Reader feedback As evidence by the letter to the editor printed below, there is often confusion among readers regarding the responsibilities of the editor. I have no more control over the advertisements in the newspaper than I do over the delivery of the newspapers. Now, when it comes to news, feature stories and the photographs that accompany them, it?s all up to me. I often have phone calls from subscribers regarding missed deliveries or rack locations. Usually, I just forward the call to the appropriate department. If you have a story idea, send it to me at the e-mail address printed at the end of this week?s column. Reach Don Chaddock at Follow him on Twitter @anewsguy.