Editor's View: Be careful on rain-slick roads this season

By: Don Chaddock, Managing Editor
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Thank a reader for submitting the photos with this week’s column. He happened to have a camera handy when a driver lost control and went off the embankment on Salmon Falls Road.

This is the time of year when drivers need to slow down, especially in inclement weather.

Just a few weeks ago, while on the freeway with my 4-year-old son Liam and 2-year-old daughter Deirdre in the car, we were broad-sided by an SUV during a rainstorm. I happened to be going about 50-55 mph and the other driver was traveling at 60-65 mph when he lost control and spun out.

None of us were injured, thank goodness, and I was able to keep my wits about me to pull out of my own spin caused by the collision. Thankfully, I didn’t hit anyone else. I share this story because it can happen to anyone. Rain-slick roads are dangerous, so be aware.

This is also the time of year to give thanks. I’m very thankful for a roof over my head, wonderful children and my health.

Good deeds

I know Halloween is long gone and this week is Thanksgiving, but I can’t let this one little local tidbit pass without notice.

Each year, 10-year-old Christian Pothast has distributed Halloween costumes so children can have fun.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday,” said Pothast, “and I want to make sure that lots of kids get to enjoy this holiday, too.” Through his non-profit, dubbed Project Spooky, Pothast has handed out more than 500 costumes since 2009. He seeks donations of new costumes from friends and has also raised money through lemonade stands then purchases costumes off-season at lower prices.

“Each Nov. 1 my mom and I race through Target and Walmart to collect as many (half) off costumes that we can, then store them in my closet until the next year,” he said. “There are lots of kids out there that get super excited about the costumes and it’s really fun to hand them out.”

Thanks for your good deed.

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