Development isn’t ‘transit oriented’

Reader input
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I read with interest the article on the South of Highway 50 project as I have been following this development. I was particularly struck by the comment in the article that the proposed new development patterns are based on the principals of “smart growth and transit orientated development.” According to the EIR posted on the city of Folsom web page, the project includes two new interchanges on Highway 50 in between Prairie City Road and the county line (Oak Avenue Parkway and Empire Ranch Rd), and one Bus Rapid Transit line to connect with the Hazel Light Rail Station. Additional lanes on US 50 are also proposed. Now I am not opposed to the development per say, but putting a spin on it that it is transit orientated is reaching — to the point of being misleading. My message to the city is to tell the public what is proposed and what are the impacts and not try to hide behind the latest trendy jargon. Folsom has a great asset with its existing multi-modal transportation network. This project appears to continue that model, but transit orientated — it is not. Larry Moore, Folsom