Black Rooster serves up more than coffee

By: Parul Guliani Telegraph Staff Writer
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Though the Folsom building dates back to the 1860s, Pia Knight and her daughter April just opened the Black Rooster Café in December 2006. The café recently won the Telegraph’s Best of the Best for the gelato category and has garnered other awards throughout the region. “Snook’s already carried ice cream,” Knight said. “We wanted to create our own niche and not compete with the other businesses in the area.” Bavarian mint and tiramisu are Knight’s favorites, but she said anything chocolate sells exceptionally fast — as does the authentic Italian-style spumoni. Vanilla bean is the only flavor offered daily. The other 44 selections are rotated, with at least 18 available each day. “It’s great gelato,” customer Dennis McKenna said. “I’m not a big fan of ice cream and gelato, but this place made me a fan.” The Black Rooster Café boasts the largest selection of gelato flavors in the Sacramento area, according to Knight. Regular Katy Sorritt added that the flavors “taste just like they’re supposed to.” “The Coconut Almond Fudge tastes just like an Almond Joy candy bar,” Sorritt said. The Black Rooster is located at 807 Sutter St. in the Folsom Historic District. For more information, visit * * * IN THE KNOW What: Black Rooster Where: 807 Sutter St., Folsom Info:, 357-0115