Band walks the line in Folsom concert honoring the late Johnny Cash

Cash concert anniversary marked by tribute performance
By: Laura Newell, Of the Telegraph
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What: The Walking Phoenixes
When: 7 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 12
Where: Three Stages Performing Arts Center, 10 College Parkway,

Many Folsom residents are known for living in the town where thousands of inmates are housed and where musician Johnny Cash once performed for them. This month, a Southern California-based band will walk in the shadow of the musical legend.
On Jan. 13, 1968, Johnny Cash took his band and a couple of opening acts to Folsom State Prison to record two shows. As a result, Cash’s album, “At Folsom Prison,” was recorded and it remains a popular part of Folsom’s history.
On the 45th anniversary weekend of Cash’s recording at Folsom Prison, Los Angeles-based tribute band The Walking Phoenixes will come to Folsom for a special performance honoring the late Johnny Cash.
The band will perform at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 12, at Three Stages Performing Arts Center in Folsom.
Drewin Young, 34, will portray Cash as the band’s lead singer with the band alongside him including Jared Miller, 33, on bass; Gregg Karagianis, 26, on lead guitar; and Nick Ineck, 30, on drums.

“We are carrying on Johnny Cash’s tradition of humanitarian work,” Young said. “When people hear ‘tribute band,’ they imagine we are imitating. We are not imitating, we are interpreting him.”

According to Young, the band hopes to perform for inmates at the Greystone Chapel at Folsom Prison as a special tribute to the 45th anniversary recording. The band was working on the details with prison officials for the performance when the Entertainer went to press.

“This reality is euphoric for us to play for the inmates on the same day that Johnny Cash played here 45 years ago,” Young said.

While the planned performance at Folsom Prison would be closed to the public, their Jan. 12 show at Three Stages will be open for concert goers.

“The audience can expect a fun, interactive show at Three Stages,” Young said. “People will want to get up and dance. Our shows are very high-energy. We have a modern approach to his sound, but it’s still enjoyable for all ages.”

The bandmates said putting on the suit gives them a sense of responsibility.

“There is a respect with putting on the black suit,” Young said. “We have a responsibility to act a certain way. That transformation has really changed us as performers. We are trying to do the Lord’s work the best that we can — and Johnny Cash is our vessel.”

The band is also looking forward to spending some time in Folsom.

“Folsom is just so kind and accepting,” Young said. “Everyone has a sense of pride in their town’s history. I’m making music for a purpose. We love playing for anyone, anywhere. When the love is there, anything is possible.”

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