Alumni baseball game slated for Saturday

By: Matt Long
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With the last of the District 54 Little League All-Star Tournaments finishing up Thursday, a group of former all-stars will be getting together on Saturday. At 1 p.m. Saturday at Lembi Park in Folsom, an alumni game will be held comprised of players who played little league baseball in Folsom more than a decade ago. Most of the players are in their early 20s, but not so long ago the group of about 30 players were little league all-stars playing in Folsom. “Five or six of us were sitting around catching up and someone mentioned something about playing a game,” Garrett Wolfe, a 2005 Folsom High graduate, said. “I took the initiative and set the game up and we sent out e-mails, made phone calls, set up a Facebook page and formed the teams.” Ayumi Tahara, another 2005 graduate of Folsom High, is a manager of one of the teams. “We’re just trying to relive the glory years,” Tahara said. “We’ve been practicing at least twice a week for the last five weeks or so. It looked ugly at that first practice. It was bad for everyone, but with more and more practice, we can field a ground ball again. It’s like relearning how to ride a bike.” No matter which team wins, Wolfe said it should be a good time. One team of all-stars, with high school graduation year and college team when applicable, include Wolfe (2005), Chris Holman (2003), Eric Naughton (2003, Mendocino), Kevin Lowman (2005), Mike Holman (2003), Chandler Clemons (2006), Ryan Vandergriff (2005), James Goodell (2003), Brent Sponsel (2005, Manteca), Andrew Warner (2005), Justin Vickers (2005), Brady Pearce (2004, Culver Stockton), Chris Isham (2005, Sac City), Luke Mazzanti (2006, San Jose), Joe Gagliani (2006), Rob Cline (2007, Avila). Tim Clemons, a long-time coach, will head up this group. The other group of all-stars include Tahara (2005), Derek Lewis (2005), Seth Gray (2003), Jeremy Malmendier (2006, Culver Stockton), Ian Gray (2006, Missouri Valley), Kyle Hatten (2006), Jason Aceituno (2006), Sam Reid (2006), Kyle Reuter (2002), Tyler Thomson (2003, Sierra College), Dan Lewis (2002, Feather River, drafted by Phillies), Sean Pinkerton (2006), Brian O’Donnell (2007), Garrett Casteel (2006) and Christian Saastad (2005).