Our commitment to well-balanced campaign coverage

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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In this issue of the Folsom Telegraph and in the weeks prior it has been pretty obvious, it’s election season. In this area, the campaigns beyond pre-heated and are already running at full temperature.

As your community newspaper, it’s our job to bring you the fair and balanced pre-election coverage that you deserve as a community. Today, this newspaper strives to be a neutral party in our election races and as of late, we have received many kudos for doing so, even from the candidates themselves.

In politics, it’s very well-known that when the races get heated, they often turn ugly. Oftentimes, campaigns take a direction in which a candidate focuses more on what their opponent does wrong compared to what they will do themselves if elected into office. Common terms for these tactics are mudslinging or smear tactics. After listening to our readers throughout the last year-and-a-half as we moved this newspaper into a very community-strong direction, we learned that the majority of those in the community don’t want to open the pages of their community newspaper to read such content.

In this issue alone, you will find the continuing series by Senior Reporter Rachel Zirin that details our candidates in the very populated City Council race. Each week leading up to the election, two candidates are featured in a standard “question-and-answer” format for the public to read. These candidates have been featured in the order in which they were announced by the Secretary of State.

In today’s day and age, there is an abundance of biased and politically slanted news coverage out there, so much of it many of us are left wondering what is fact and what is fiction. This publication assures you that our coverage will always be fair and balanced. 

We make it a practice to not endorse candidates in local elections, we refrain from moderating debates and other forms of engagement with our local candidates. This is all in an effort to bring you the best local election coverage which can assist you in making your own personal decision on Nov. 6. Your ballot choices on Election Day are your personal choices, it’s not our position to make those choices for you, and it’s our job to bring you the factual information so you can make those choices. We vow to continue that process in the weeks ahead.

Bill Sullivan is the associate publisher of Gold Country Media. He can be reached at