Folsom Athlete of the Week: Drake Stallworth

By: Matt Long of the Telegraph
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Drake Stallworth made his name known early and often during Folsom’s 55-36 victory over Coeur d’Alene in the season-opening game on Aug. 27.

On the second play from scrimmage, Stallworth ran a go-pattern, blew by the defender and caught a pass from Joe Curry and scored on a 77-yard touchdown pass.

On the sixth play of Folsom’s second possession, Curry hooked up with Stallworth again, this time from 23 yards, for another score.

Again on the second play of Folsom’s third possession, Stallworth grabbed a screen pass and 50 yards later was in the end zone for his third score. His fourth and final touchdown came in the second quarter on an 18-yard post route, a score that put Folsom up 34-16.

When it was all said and done, Stallworth caught 10 passes for 246 yards and four touchdowns.

“Drake is a very explosive athlete and he’s got great work ethic,” Folsom Coach Kris Richardson said. “He showed in that first game some impressive receiving stats, but what didn’t show up is how completely dominating he was blocking down field. He did a great job and it was a great start to his senior year.”


Folsom Telegraph: What are your hopes for after high school? Any scholarship offers?

Drake Stallworth: After high school, I plan on attending college and excelling both athletically and academically. Right now I have 10 scholarship offers: Hawaii, Fresno St., UC Davis, Wyoming, Eastern Washington, Cal Poly, Navy, Air Force, Army, Idaho.


FT: Do sports run in your family?

DS: Sports are a huge part of my family. Everyone is very competitive and all of my family members have played at least one sport if not multiple sports.


FT: How long have you been playing football and how did you get your start in it?

DS: I have been playing football for nine years now. I started football because I have uncles and cousins who have played college/professional football and I was so intrigued to grow up and be like them. I also just loved the competition it brought.


FT: Do you have any pre-game rituals? If so, explain.

DS: As far as pre-game rituals, I would say I really don't have any. All I do for pre-game is listen to some music and just talk and laugh with all my closest friends, rather then sit there and stress about what I am going to do. Practice is the time to get better and just focus in. I see game day as an opportunity to go out and do what I love to do.


FT: You guys won your first game. What are the goals/expectations for the season?

DS: Yes, we won the first game and the team and I are all very excited but that doesn't mean too much because there is another game coming up so we need to be happy but also move on, prepare for the next game, and get better every day. Goals for the season are, of course, to win every week until there are no more games left to play.


FT: You play wide receiver and cornerback. Describe what you like about each?

DS: Being a wide receiver is so exhilarating. Catching touchdowns is possibly the best feeling ever. Being a corner can be a little more stressful, but also fun at the same time.


FT: What other activities are you involved in at Folsom besides football?

DS: I ran track my freshman and sophomore year, but right now I am strictly focused on football.


FT: What’s your favorite class at school and why?

DS: I would say Pre-Calculus. This has to be my favorite class because it challenges me and although most people don't like math I find ways to enjoy it.


FT: What’s your favorite music?

DS: My favorite music is rap and R&B.


FT: What’s your favorite food?

DS: My favorite food is pizza, of course. 


FT: Do you have any interesting hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

DS: I love hiking and finding new places to explore outdoors. I am either doing that or hanging out with my friends and family in my free time.


FT: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.

DS: Yes, I have two dogs. They are both Italian Greyhounds, one named Rocco and the other is Via. They are the fastest dogs I have ever seen.


FT: What inspires you in sports?

DS: What inspires me in sports is my parents and just making them proud. Also, when I set athletic goals it motivates me in my sports to do better everyday.


FT: What are your career goals? What job/profession are you interested in?

DS: As far as career goals, I really want to study and major in Kinesiology to become a physical therapist.