Tap into some wacky community fun

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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It’s a great week in Folsom to have fun and support two great entities in our city. Friday evening, the popular Tap Folsom returns to the Historic District. Then on Saturday it’s all about getting wacky in the Wacky Dash at Rodeo Park.

Let’s start with Tap Folsom, because for one reason, it’s the first event you should tell all your friends about. Secondly, anytime you start your weekend by enjoying cold brew it can only get better right? Anyone who answered no to that should still check this event out – just get a designated driver if you’re worried that too much fun will lead to anything not so fun.

Tap Folsom started four years ago and moved to the Historic District one year later. This is another greatly organized event put on though the hard working folks at the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.

Just when they got the dust settled in their office from the Folsom Pro Rodeo, the chamber staff went into overdrive to get down to business on Tap Folsom. This event brings more than 40 craft breweries to the city and numerous food vendors. Much like I said a few weeks ago after the Folsom Pro Rodeo, events like this take hard work, long hours and great dedication by those who present them. In this case it’s our Chamber of Commerce once again, working hard to bring fun activities to residents, tourism to the area and most importantly, revenue to many of our surrounding businesses who reap the benefits.   Any smart business owner should be offering and advertising specials for this night and draw potential customers their direction.

So by attending Tap Folsom, you’re not only benefiting yourself by getting a great deal on tasting fine spirits and food. You are supporting our local Chamber of Commerce which thrives on the success of such events and is able to promote business, travel and commerce in our great city. By the way, if you’re not a drinker they even have designated driver admission so you can still come join in the fun and mingle with the community.

On Saturday morning, the Folsom Parks and Recreation is presenting its third annual Wacky Dash at Rodeo Park; 200 Stafford Street. If you haven’t been to one of these, it’s a must add to your bucket list.

Adults, little tykes and everyone in between compete in very unique competitions throughout the day. If you’re worried that your night at Tap Folsom will hinder your competitive edge, don’t be. This event is all about fun, its low pressure and most people are laughing and having a good time throughout the two-mile course. 

The course features an obstacle course that has rope walking, climbing, running through tires and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a final sprint through the mud pit. Last year the animated rivalry among participants of all ages produced award winning photographs for the Folsom Telegraph, but trust me, seeing this or participating in person is even better.

This is an event is put on by the Folsom Parks and Recreation Department by a dedicated staff that, much like the chamber, is not huge in size, but is enormous in spirit and dedication. They work hard to put this on for our city and our visitors. By participating in the Wacky Dash, you not only have the opportunity to get a commemorative medal, you have the opportunity to contribute to those that provide so much in our city. The Parks and Recreation Department in Folsom is by far top notch when compared to other cities. Supporting events like this helps insure we have many great events to come, from concerts in the park on lush lawns in the parks that they provide and maintain to sports programs, leagues, classes and more. All of these cannot be funded by tax dollars, grants and fees alone. It takes us showing our support at these very special events.

The Folsom Telegraph is proud to be a partner with both the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and the Folsom Parks and Recreation Department, sponsoring such events. One of the most important aspects to the success of any special event is that the community knows about it.

With more than 24,000 weekly readers, spreading the word in the community is something we can do in a very big way. As your trusted voice in the community, we are proud to do so and hope to see you at one of these great community events this week. If you’re looking for the details of either of these events, look to the pages of this week’s Folsom Telegraph and support the newspaper that supports your community by doing so.

Bill Sullivan is the General Manager of the Folsom Telegraph and the Folsom Lake Entertainer. He can be reached at